Basic Crate

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Our Unleashed crates feature an attractive hammertone finish that prevents corrosion and ensures the products will stand the test of time.

Basic Crate:

-Economical solution for training and kenneling
-Great for travel
-Includes convenient double door with locking latch and divider panel
-Easy assembly


XXL: 48L x 30W x 32H

XL: 42L x 28W x 30H

LG: 36L x 23W x 25H"

MD: 30L x 19W x 21H"

SM: 24L x 18W x 19H"

XS: 19L x 12W x 14H"
Our two crate lines:

Basic and Regular feature a black epoxy finish, dual doors and a divider panel. The basic crate is our more economical crate and has a lesser gauge wire and spacing than our regular crate. It’s a perfect option for those who need for basic training, shows or simple transport. Our regular crates feature thicker wire and tighter spacing. These are perfect for those who crate on a longer term basis or for use in professional applications. Like all of our Unleashed products, they have our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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